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Kanna’s big blue eyes widened, seeming to shine just from the strange girl’s words. “Really? That’s amazing!” She chirped. Her eyes could have been the opposite of the other Kanna’s. Their color was as outlandish as her hair. Foreigners often had eyes her color, but it was unheard of to see a Japanese woman with pale blue eyes. When she saw how the little girl held her mirror so securely, a thought hit her. Was she being too forward? Maybe the girl had lost her family and that’s why she was so quiet!

For a moment, the two girls with the same name sat there in silence, just looking at each other. The younger Kanna was clad in all white, while the older Kanna was dressed in such bright colors, along with her hair; persons who looked like they did could be found more often in puppet shows during festivals. Kanna never complained about her clothing, though. When her sister was still around, she would make jokes about how she could pass for a princess out on a stroll. The last time the sisters had seen one another, Karasu would still wear all black if possible. The better to hide in the shadows with, she would say.

Finally, Kanna spoke. “To make it up to you, would you like to stay for dinner? Or would you like me to walk you home?” Her cheeks turned pink in embarrassment, allowing the subtle freckles she had to make themselves more prominent. This was usually a problem she had with children; she had no idea how to apologize like she would to an adult, and she ended up blurting silly questions. Of course the girl wouldn’t want to be walked home, demons often didn’t have any.

'Amazing?' She was not quite so sure.

Kanna was quiet; she could not decide what to make of this strange, flamboyant girl. The first thing that occurred to her, was that she was noisy. For someone who lived in silence, it was a bit irritating, but she was able to deal with it— after all, he had lived with Kagura. When the offer was presented, she shook her head. “No,” was her vague answer, for which she gave no explanation. Kanna was not hungry, and she did not have a home for which she could be walked back to. When Naraku disappeared, as he often did, she could only wander around until he needed her, in which case, he would send out his saimyōshō.

When the nihilistic demon noticed the blush, she frowned. Invasive as always, she lifted on hand and ran her icy fingertips over the other Kanna’s cheeks, confused as to what the blushing meant, or what caused it. “What is this?”


A small white haired child stood before the tall lord. She did not seem at all familiar to him. He was deeply surprised that she showed no fear as he towered over her. Her scent was not that of a normal demon or a human either. She certainly was a curious child. “Greetings small one. What brings you to my domain?”

Kanna lifted her gaze to examine the dog demon lord for only a moment before lowering her gaze to the grass, which was plush under her sandals. ” … Inu no Taisho,” she mumbled, her voice just above a whisper. The white child tended to know a lot about other demons— especially powerful ones. As far as she was aware, the Dog Lord was supposed to be dead. “You are… . alive?” It did not sound like a question— her tone did not change, but the look she gave him was enough to imply that it was, indeed, a question.

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